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First ‘One Touch’ Login for Computers Connecting to Microsoft and Google Cloud Services

Use your phone and your fingerprint to login Windows or MAC without a password making the login effortless and a lot more secure

Tokyo, Japan, December 08, 2016 – Today GOTrust Technology Inc.(GO-Trust®) announced the immediate availability of the GO-Trust Authenticator. This is a whole new approach for securely logging into Windows or MAC and then into Cloud Services. The User’s iPhone or Android phone communicates with the work computer and once the User’s identity has been confirmed via the ‘one touch’ fingerprint sensor or the ‘one click’ camera for facial recognition, a secure dialogue logs into Windows or MAC with the equivalent of a long and complex password. There is nothing for the User to remember other than to bring his phone to the office. The GO-Trust Authenticator also works with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite by Google, Salesforce, Box and many others. The authentication mechanism supports both PKI and FIDO UAF. The GO-Trust Authenticator can also be used, with the same simplicity “One Touch” to sign/encrypt e-mails and office documents.
When corporate security policy requires passwords to be changed, this is achieved by a single click on the computer which requests the phone to generate a new complex password that is communicated and securely stored in a protected area; there is nothing for the User to remember. The GO-Trust Authenticator is the perfect business stress-free solution for logging onto all systems and services; as user friendly as it getsu and as secure as a bank vault.
Please download “GO-Trust Authenticator” from Google Play or Apple APP Store to experience passwordless login to all your computers.
About GO-Trust
GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-Trust®) is the innovator of the secure microSD and the first company to deliver mobile credit cards, mobile banking, US PIV mobilization and voice & text encryption using the microSD form factor. GO-Trust® continues its world-leading ‘NoPassword Authentication Platform’ innovation to make login simpler and more secure from computer to cloud. The company’s latest products include FIDO UAF server, client and ASM, Bluetooth NFC smart card and the GO-Trust Authenticator. GO-Trust® has eighteen international patents.
Note to Editors
Demonstrations of the GO-Trust Authenticator: during the FIDO Tokyo seminar 2016 on December 8th .


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